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  • Hello and welcome to the official website Changxin Electrical Co., Ltd.

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    • Chang Xin Services miniature DC motors fifteen years,There are a wealth of experience
    • Chang Xin Electrical and Mechanical products are widely applicable to many fields.
    • Companies focus on user practices and product development, has made a number of patents and R & D results.


    • ChangXin20,000 square meters manufacturing center,With advanced production equipment and production technology
    • Chang Xin focus on process control, product 100% compliance with Industry quality for our customers create the best products;
    • Chang Xin undertake Batch motor production orders .


    • Pre-sale services
      Expert design team to help you save and invest and reduce energy consumption;
    • Process Service
      We according to the ISO9001 quality Traffic management system , to every detail;
    • Service
      The company promises there equipment warranty period Free replacement or repair of all damaged by the company.
    Micro-motor production

    Chang Xin Motor Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan changxin motor co., LTD. Is a development and production of 130, 140, 260, 280, 180, the professional manufacturer of miniature dc motor, has the abundant technical force and rich production experience, and by the perfect ISO9001:2000 qualit... [More]

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